Chain Wire Fencing

chain wire fencing

Chain link fences are typically used to protect properties such as parks and schools from being damaged by vandals and other trespassers. These fences are constructed with a mesh screen that is composed of hollow steel wire. The bars of the chain link fence are securely welded together and contain slats of varying widths so that they will resist being pulled down or ripped apart by strong winds. Chain link fences are available in many different styles and lengths. Some chain link fences have railings made of iron that resemble palisade fencing. Some chain link fences have posted without railings, while others have posts with closely spaced wires that resemble galvanized metal.

Fencing Accessories

Several chain wire fencing accessories can be purchased to compliment this high-quality fence. Chain link fences are available in many different sizes. Some are available for a smaller distance than others are, which helps to determine the price range a homeowner will have to choose from. Brackets and tie-downs are commonly used to secure the chain wire fencing in areas such as alleys and doorways. Chain link fences that feature hooks and loops are an excellent choice for holding small garden tools and other items that would otherwise be exposed to the open air on a chain wire fence.


High-quality chain wire fencing can be found in different colours, finishes and sizes. The thickness of the mesh can vary, as well. In areas where there is heavy rain or severe wind, the chain wire fencing will often be coated with a clear protective coating so that it will not rust and deteriorate from the elements. These types of fences are also much more durable than their aluminium counterparts.

Aluminium chain wire fencing materials are generally low maintenance and can be easily cleaned. They do not rust, and they are very durable. However, aluminium fencing materials can be fairly fragile when it comes to twisting and bending into sharp curves. If a chain link gate is installed in an area where there is often a lot of motion, then the aluminium fencing materials may bend and snap. For this reason, these types of chain wire fencing should be used in areas where there is a great deal of activity, such as near entrances to commercial and residential properties. These gates can also be a good option for businesses, as long as they are installed by a professional.

chain wire fencing

Chain link fencing is also available in different levels of chain wire fencing. Sites below eighteen meters rollover at a one per cent rate, while those above twenty meters rollover at two per cent. The larger sized chains provide a greater degree of protection to commercial and residential properties.


Many chain wire fencing gates are designed to be installed using only one, single chain. However, in some cases where multiple chains are needed for the same fence, it may be necessary to use two or more chains. This is especially true when installing fences that are located in areas with heavy traffic. You need to follow any instructions included with your chain wire fencing gates, including any installation guide before you begin the installation process.

Galvanized Steel

Some chain link fencing is designed to be more resistant to corrosion than traditional galvanized steel fencing. Because of this coating, these fences can resist extreme temperatures and chemicals that could harm or even corrode traditional galvanized wire. Although many companies offer galvanized coated fencing, most chain link fencing is designed to be even stronger than the highest quality galvanized fencing. Therefore, if you would like to install a high-quality fence, chain link may be the best choice for you.

Chain wire fencing materials are also available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes. You can easily find fencing materials that will complement the style of your home. Chain wire fencing materials are available in prefabricated designs, so you do not need to hire a professional to design the perfect fence. You will also find prefabricated wire mesh in an assortment of sizes to choose from. With chain wire fencing materials, you will never have to compromise on the strength or durability of your fence.